1000 Wide NG Fume hood with cabinets under

$11,660.00 + GST

You will need to send a list of chemicals that you would use through the Fume Hood so we can choose the correct filters for your operation. 
Click here for the product spec sheet
The work area bench top is made from Epoxy resin board.
Epoxy resin board has many advantages to be used in the lab environment.
High temperature resistance to 600℃, Non-flammable ;
Anticorrosion, easy to clean ;
Moistureproof, no delamination or deformation ;
Endurable ;
Environment friendly ;
Antibacterial ;
We have several sizes but this looks like it may suit you. Our 1000 wide x 620 Deep x 2070 High with cabinets under as per the photo below. 
Generally in stock in Auckland.
Although the unit comes with the filters already fitted, we think it’s a good idea for you to have a spare set. The filters should last approx 2000 – 5000 hours. Your LED screen will show you when each set of filters (Top and Bottom of the fans ) are becoming saturated. When the bottom set become saturated then remove them and swap the top set to the bottom and replace the top set .  
The door folds up twice so you can fit in 20L containers . Although this shows the larger model the operation is the same see here
Price of the Fume Hood is $9980 + gst
Cupboards Under the work area $1680 + gst
Shipping door to door: $285 + gst
You will receive your Fume Hood in 2 crates , one with cabinets and one with the work area.
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