DL 1600 NG Fume Hood

$12,850.00 + GST

We can fit the filters that can filter most substances and absorb all the smells.
Click here for the product spec sheet
We can fit a pre-filter to absorb paint particles which will also extend the life of the other filters, Approx 2000 to 5000 hours. You will not need to change the pre-filter until you change the other filters.
At the time of filters becoming close to being saturated an alarm will sound but you will be able to see the live saturation amount on the touch screen.
You would then change and discard the bottom set of filters including the pre-filters.  At that time reposition the top set to the bottom and replace the top set with new.

Best to have a spare set of filters in your stock, that’s why we are including a spare set in this special price . Giving you up to 10,000 hours of chemical filtration , the filters only collect chemical fume particles, not clean air.


1600 wide x 620 deep x 1245mm high
The work area bench top is made from Epoxy resin board.
Epoxy resin board has many advantages to be used in the lab environment.
High temperature resistance to 600℃, Non-flammable ;
Anticorrosion, easy to clean ;
Moistureproof, no delamination or deformation ;
Endurable ;
Environment friendly ;
Antibacterial ;
Maybe check the download tab to see the specs.
Price of the Fume Hood is $12850 + gst Including a spare set of filters
Cupboards Under the work area $1780 + gst ( if required)
Shipping: $285
You will receive your Fume Hood in a wooden crate.  Just one thing to think about – the size of your doorways , to be able to get the FH into the lab.  We have reduced the depth down to 620mm . 
Allow 5-7 weeks delivery from order.
Remember the filters only capture the fume particles not the air flowing through which is why you should get up to 5000 hours of life out of one set of filters. But… You will get a second set included in the price.. Order now before this special ends..
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