Deliveries Over the years

We have used many 3rd transport companies but we have whittled them down to an elite number that we entrust to get your cabinets to your door on time and undamaged. 

Our logistics Manager Michelle and our Customer Care Manager Annie, will ensure that your cabinets arrive on time. 

Phone us on 0800 04 05 06 Extn 2 for Michelle or Extn 4 for Annie


What is the weight of the other suppliers cabinet?
If the cabinet complies with AS1940 then all the steel wall thicknesses has to be 1.2mm thick. If the weights are lighter than our cabinets then they probably are made from thinner material. Imagine in a $1m insurance claim if the cabinet did not contain an explosion due to inferior manufacturing, You would want to be covered.  

Ventilation, do I Need it or Not?

There are no vents from any of our cabinets which allow fumes from the cabinet to be leaked into the room they are in , this could cause fumes in the room to ignite from an exterior ignition source , which is not part of AS1940 .
95% of General Flammable and Chemical goods do not require the cabinet to have any ventilation.
All of our Cabinets have provisions for air flow through the air cavity between the (1.2mm thick steel) double skins of the cabinet.
There is a 2” (50mm) bung in each side of the cabinet ( one at approx 250mm up from the bottom on the left side and one approx 250mm down from the top on the right hand side )
This allows you to screw in a 2” inlet pipe to introduce air into the cabinet cavity (from outside) and through the spark arrestor (Gauze) into the cabinet and exhaust the air outside through the opposite side with a similar 2” pipe attached to the other side of the cabinet. An installation plan comes in the accessories box inside the cabinet.
You can attach an inline fan to assist air flow if required.

Can I store lithium batteries in a flammable goods cabinet?

To view our range of Lithium Battery Charging Cabinets, please go here

The only Non Chargeable cabinets suitable for storing Li-ion Batteries are our Patented 100% Stainless Steel 250l Unicabs.


Does it have an earth cable to retard static electricity? Our cabinets all have an earth cable.  
Is the Cabinet fully welded construction or simply pop riveted together? All our cabinets are fully welded for strength in case of an internal explosion. Some of our cabinets can come in Flat Pack form .  
Why is the price of others cabinets more expensive? You are buying direct from the manufacturer, there are no middle men, in some cases we can be $1000 less than other retailers and our cabinets are definitely superior. ! We design them, we make them , we warranty them, our credibility is in our thousands of customers
Does the cabinet have sequential self closing doors? All our double door cabinets have sequential self closing doors. Watch Here  
How about the powder coating? All our cabinets are powder coated using exterior powder,( interior powder is for light fittings etc and is cheaper ) Interior powder will fade and go a chalky look after 6- 12 months and eventually peel off. Our Outdoor cabinets are powder coated with the Jagbe powder coat system  
How long has your company been selling cabinets? Bruce started this business by designing and selling the first cabinet in 2002, Our cabinets have evolved into a very superior product and you will have peace of mind that you have bought the right cabinet.