Jagbe NG-Ductless Fume Hood

$14,980.00 + GST


DIMENSIONS: 2070H X1600W X 790D



This New Generation Jagbe NG-Non Ducted Fume Hood range has been designed to remove the problematic requirement for Ducted fume hoods which can require an expensive installation.

Our New Generation Jagbe NG-Non Ducted Fume Hood range supersedes the old Ducted style and is completely mobile. It does not require any building consents to be installed and becomes part of your assets not your building.

Through advanced smart technology we have developed our fume hood which simply recirculates the air through a series of smart filters it cleans the chemical laden air and reintroduces clean breathable air back into the laboratory. Not only does it clean the air from the Fume Hood chamber, but also the stale air in the clean room will be filtered while the fume hood is in operation.

Of all the operational screens on the LED control panel, the screen below shows the 2 columns on the left of the LED screen which are the VOC1 and VOC2 columns, (VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds ) which show the saturation of the filters, the filter below the fan units being (VOC1) and the saturation of the filter above the fan unit (VOC2). There is also an audible alarm when complete saturation is reached.

These specially designed filters can filter an incredible amount of fumes from Chemicals, Solvents, Acids and most other substances successfully and through advanced smart technology, the filters will tell you when they are becoming satureated and eventually need replaced, Replacement is normally around every 2000-5000 hours depending on the viscosity of the particles being filtered.

The Fume Hood sits on a two door storage cabinet which comes with each complete Jagbe NG-Non Ducted Fume Hood and the colour you see is the colour you get.

We generally keep “Bare filterless ” units in stock waiting on your list of chemicals so we can fit filters to suit your unique requirements.

Smaller models available but check out these specs of the big DL 1600 .

The Regulation requirement is now for the ducting to have the exhaust motor and fan outside the building and the ducting must protrude at least three metres above the roof of the building. Often the ducting requirements are to have scrubbers fitted to clean the chemicals which have attached themselves to the inside of the ducting. The major problem with a ducted fume is that it becomes part of the building and the building WOF. Therefore it requires a consent to be installed which is another problem if the Landlord will not agree to his building being altered. Because these old style fume hoods filter around 2300m3 of air from the room and exhaust it into the atmosphere, there is often a vacuum left in the clean room requiring yet another air pump to introduce the equivalent air back into the room. A messy business. However talk to Bruce as he can still supply the Polypropylene last generation fume hoods at great rates.