Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet XL-G800

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JAGBE Filtering Storage Cabinet

JAGBE-G series Filtering storage cabinet is designed for the storage of toxic chemicals, Applicable to various fields and various chemicals, Purifies the air inside the cabinet, and filters the air in the Lab. 

LED Touch Screen with remote control from your phone. Shows filter Saturation for your peace of mind.


No installation

No duct, easy to install, no exhaust gas, modern and environmental protection.


Advanced module filtration technology, full absorption of toxic vapor, particles & dust. 

No consumption of air conditioning energy, high efficiently saving energy.

Improves work efficiency through ease of moving the cabinet closer to the work area.



❶The turbine motor draws the air from the outside of cabinet.

❷The air brings the hazardous vapour into the filtration system.

❸ The hazardous air goes though molecular filters to become fresh air.

❹Maintains 24hr circulation.



Advanced VOC Detector port detects pollution in time, with special alarm system.

Remote monitoring system:Users can view the device’s running status and set the parameters by Cellphone. Alarm information can be sent to the user in the case of Malfunction.

Transparent acrylic glass with good anti-corrosive performance.

Epoxy powder coated, with anti-corrosive and anti-rust inhibitors.

Silent turbine fan draws chemical vapors from bottles into a HEPA filter with high absorption capacity. No static, no spark and super silent motor. Various type filters to produce a 99.99% high efficient filtered air re-introduced into the lab.

Unique designed LED touch screen control system, which combine all data in one piece computer control panel, easy to control fan speed and lighting, etcand convenient to set up and monitor all data.

Epoxy resin coated adjustable shelf with drain holes. Which can be adjusted according to the size of vessel.

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