HEAVY DUTY Charging and Storage Pod for up to 48V Lithium-ion Batteries

$8,790.00 + GST

For Indoor or outdoor use, our Heavy-Duty charging and storage Pod is designed to mitigate the effects from 48 volt Lithium-ion batteries exploding !

In Production now !  Available in Late March 2024 …Inquire now about sales and leasing options.

Features:  Water-Tight and Flame-Proof robust door seals.

  • Includes a roof gutter over the doors for added protection from rain
  • Dimensions:  Outside: 1870mm H x 1100mm W x 500mm D.  Inside: 1680mm H x 960mm W x 320mm D
  • Compartment Dimensions: Set at 270mm high between shelves
  • Shelves:  35mm thick, sandwiched with 1430 Degree C HotWall Insulation . Shelves are removable and adjustable.