8 Station JAGBE Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Storage Pod

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8 Station Lithium-Ion Charging Pod


Construction :  Double skins of heavy 1.2mm thick steel.

40mm thick 1260 Deg C Continuous Rated “Hotwall ” Insulation between the skins see https://youtu.be/HtAoXs6XktQ
Compartments are encapsulated with an Adjustable Hotwall Insulated Shelf to mitigate heat and flames from an exploding battery igniting batteries in other compartments.
890mmH x 590mmW x 460mmD
SKU: 8 Li-Ion
2 x 240V German Designed Fans to keep batteries cool whilst charging.
240v Cable with 10amp plug.
Wired complete with circuit breakers to suit standard wiring codes and comes with an Electrical Certificate .
Indication Lights on each fan switch ( Shows green ) also shows the power is on to that fan.
Each fan can be individually controlled is assist with temperature control inside the unit.
Spark / flame arrestors on inside of each inlet and exhaust outlet.
Powder coated Ral 9003 white with Exterior polyester resin powder for easy cleaning
Identification and Warning labels attached.
Weight 90 Kg
1 adjustable 40mm thick Hotwall Insulated and removable shelf
Flush mounted 3 position door catches with key lock and 2 keys.
Comes packaged in a Plywood crate with an integrated pallet with fork positions
12 months parts warranty.
Just unpack your “Jagbe Li-Ion Pod “  and plug it into your wall socket .
Includes Location Brackets and fixings (for use in seismic areas If required )
Sold across NZ and Australia.
Just unpack your “Jagbe Li-Ion Pod “  and plug it into your wall socket and ensure its location is more than 3m from any combustable or flammable materials. .
International patent pending application no. 2023901080
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