160L Flammable Cabinet Shelf

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Extra Shelves, Will fit any of our 160L Cabinets
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Each shelf is designed to hold more than 100Kg
Has double Vee strengthening strips which also directs any spillage away from the doors and into the bund.
Each shelf has vents to allow air to flow through it .
Fully Galvanised and can be adjusted in 50mm increments

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You can see that there are holes in the bottom of the 2 Vees folded into our shelves allowing free air movement.

Apart from these vees being designed to strengthen the bottom of the shelf to hold the maximum amount, there is a slight angle difference at the first and last 88 degree bend on the outer side of the shelf (top and bottom of the photo) Hardly noticeable that it is under 90 degrees, but this directs any spillage away from the doors and back wall and into the vees . It also means that any spillage would eventually drain into the vees and not leave the drums on the shelf sitting in a slimy poisonous mess as the common shelves of many non compliant cabinets do.

Should there be a large spillage over our shelf, then the holes in the Vees would not cope and the liquid would over flow the air holes but continue to be directed to the outer of each side where it will spill into the bund . The ends of the vees are not sealed.

Air flow
Some non-compliant cabinet shelves have just a few holes in a flat sheet to try to satisfy AS1940 4.9.2 ( d ) Which States …”Any shelves shall be perforated to permit free air movement” …these flat sheets may only have up to 6 holes punched in the flat shelf which are easily sealed by 20L Drums or smaller cans sitting over them and therefore breaching 4.9.2 (d) as there is no free air movement when the holes are covered .
Our system allows free air movement under the drums, the drums can never cover up the vee’s totally, therefore free air movement is achieved at all times regardless if the cabinet is vented outside or not.

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