Sustainability and our Carbon Footprint

Although it is a necessary part of modern manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication is not an environmentally friendly industry. In recent years, we have come leaps and bounds in terms of developing greener fabrication technologies that consume less power, use fewer hazardous chemicals, and produce less waste, but there is still a way to go before sheet metal fabrication can be considered a sustainable industry.

However we are reducing our carbon foot print year on year, EG this year we have introduced our new Unicab which is manufactured  100 % from 304 Stainless steel . This means that we do not need to powder coat it, it takes up less room for transport and has been designed to become storage for either Class 3 Flammables, Class 6 Toxics, Class 6.1 Agri-chemicals or Class 8 Corrosives, it can also be used for Food storage as the metal is food grade. Lastly it can be used outside as it is weathertight . It is fully compliant with the relevant standards.

This means that we do not have to manufacture up to 5 different designed cabinets and keep them in stock in each of our 7 warehouses in NZ and Australia.  A significant sustainable move .

Furthermore where we can, we use shipping and trains to move our products between warehouses helping to keep trucks off the road.

Also we are reducing the messy chemical storage for our customers who generally clean out their chemical cupboards and only store what they use once our cabinets are installed to make the Customer compliant .

That’s just one product , how about our Lithium -Ion charging pods… Our R&D on sustainability and reducing our carbon foot print is paramount and a major goal for our company .