100L Polypropylene Cabinet

$2,195.00 + GST


DIMENSIONS:  900H x 910W x 460D


WEIGHT: 46kg


100% Polypropylene cabinets include:
  • Internationally recognized polypropylene is used to form the cabinet by seamless welded engineering.
  • Resistant to 99% of all Acids
  • Equipped with leakage-proof adjustable shelves, which can be removed for cleaning
  • Labels already attached ready to use.
  • To improve operational safety, a padlock can be used to provide extra protection.
  • Adjustable Tray Shelf
  • Polypropylene Hinges, handles and shelves
  • Used to store highly corrosive chemicals, such as:
.           sulfuric acid
.           nitric acid
.           acetic acid
.           hydrochloric acid
.           chromic acid
.           hydrofluoric acid
  • Widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.
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