Stainless Steel Safety Cabinets

$3,187.00$5,460.00 + GST

316 and 304 Stainless Steel Safety Cabinets
250 L .. 1825H x 1100W x 500D  with 3 SS adjustable shelves
1.2mm 316 Stainless Steel $5660 + gst
1.0mm 304 Stainless Steel $4480 + gst
160L ..1295H x 1100W x 460D with 2 adjustable shelves
1.2mm 316 Stainless Steel $4890 + gst
1.0mm 304 Stainless Steel $3387 + gst
For any Class of Hazardous Substance Storage inside or outside, we can simply change the labels to indicate what substance is stored inside the cabinet.
100% Stainless Steel 1.0mm and 1.2mm thick grade 316 ( used to manufacture hand rails on boats ) for use in highly corrosive environments like in Ships at sea, Marinas and Ports, Chemical manufacturers, Mining and Ore processing, Steel mills, Tanneries, Lead smelting and industrial dump sites.
100% Stainless Steel 1.0mm and 1.2mm thick grade 304 (used to manufacture kitchen sinks ) for use in Laboratories, Hospitals, Open to the environment locations. Wood processing industries, Plastics and rubber industries, Engineering , textile and carpet industries.
For the most highly toxic acids and class 6 substances.
For the most highly flammable class 3 and 4 substances known to man
For the most highly corrosive and class 8 substances
More than exceeds requirements of AS/NZ1940 : 2017
Fully seam welded

Double skin walls, roof, bund, doors.  (Like a thermos)

SS Continuous door hinges

SS 3 way door latches with key lock flush mounted door handle.

SS Soft close doors, this reduces the risk of personnel being caught as the doors close and also ensures any wind cannot slam shut the doors. The doors are very quiet upon closing, designed not to frighten unsuspecting personnel with a loud bang. 

Sequentially closing doors, which means the right hand door will wait for the left hand door to close when both      doors are released. This is to ensure that there are no gaps for fumes to escape should the left hand door try to close over the right hand door. 

The spill bund measures 150mm high from the bottom inside the cabinet. 

Fully seem welded construction to contain an explosion and all materials will withstand well above the 850 degrees C as required by AS1940 : 2017 should an internal or external fire occur.

There are no external pop rivets holding the cabinet panels together.

It is well known that 304 and 316 Stainless Steel is a widely used material for outdoor applications because of its composition of manganese, chromium and nickel, it is highly corrosive resistant, stain resistant, harder than mild steel and has a very long life. 

There is a vent position on each side of the cabinet should it be required. Simply remove each stopper to allow airflow through the cabinet if required. 

 304 and 316 Stainless Steel maintains a smart appearance, is very robust, harder to dent or scratch and it can take the knocks without compromising its operation. Jagbe 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Flammable Goods Cabinets may enhance the aesthetics of the areas where they are installed. They are an upmarket cabinet in an industrial use.