Fume Handling Extraction Hood

From: $7,235.00


3 person Dimensions: 2350H x 1800W x 850D ….$8770 + gst

2 Person Dimensions : 2350H x 1500W x 850D ….$ 7980 + gst
1 Person Dimensions : 2350H x 1200W x 850D…..$7235 + gst
You may need us to alter the depth from 850mm to 750mm so you can get it through your doorways… Please add $120 + gst for this alteration

North Island Shipping: $185 + GST
South Island Shipping: $285 + GST

Delivered in 2 plywood crates, One for cupboards and one for the work area.

We can customise the fume hood size to suit your requirements, so contact us now and we can discuss what option is best for your situation.

Complete PP (Polypropylene) Construction, 8mm thick.

Transparent tempered glass sash, thickness is 5mm.

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting.

The baffles inside the back of the work area, evenly directs the air flow towards the outlet entrance to the ducting.

4 of AC220V/10A / 3 pin sockets with controller. Should there be a problem, all power is shut down to fume hood and the sockets.  The fan located on the roof will continue to exhaust gases for 20 mins. The red indication light will come on.

No extraction fan included. The extraction fan should be chosen by the ducting engineer or mechanical engineer to suit the length of ducting that is required.

High Quality Exhaust System but requires by law for you to install the ducting to an exhaust fan on the roof of your building with a further 3m exhaust outlet above the exhaust fan to the atmosphere.
Contact a ducting engineer who knows the requirements of AS/NZ 2243.8  to install the Fume Hood .
It will be prudent to engage a Fume Hood inspector to give the Fume Hood the tick of approval after it is installed. Call us for some contacts if you don’t know anyone in your area.
  • Operation
    When you pull the emergency stop button to start the exhaust fan motor, the red indication light will come on for 5 mins to let you know the fume hood is purging any unwanted fumes that could have been left from the last use, then the green light comes on and stays on while the fan runs and indicates that the fume hood is operational.
    Push the emergency stop button to stop the exhaust fan, then the red light comes on to indicate that the fume hood fan is in purge phase and is purging unwanted fumes after use.  The timer ensures that the exhaust fan ( Fitted on the roof of your building ) keeps running for 20 mins after the fume hood has been switched off .
    Sash Stops fitted to the front glass sash to ensure the sash cannot shut completely. There is a 50mm gap opening at the bottom of the sash. This is to ensure that whilst the Fume Hood is in purge cycle, that there is no vacuum created in the work area as fresh air is introduced through the 50mm gap under the closed sash.
    Ducted Fume Hoods become part of the building and must have a building consent to be fitted. Ducted Fume Hoods will be part of the WOF of the building and require an annual certificate that they are still safe to use.
When ducted Fume Hoods are not for you , please consider our New Jagbe NG Ductless Fume hoods.  They are an appliance, they do not require any building consents. They do not require any installation, just plug your Ductless Fume Hood in and you are in business. Your Ductless Fume hood does not become part of the building, it is an asset that you can move room to room which cleans the air in the lab as it removes fumes from the work area .

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