Flammable Cabinet 30L

SKU: FS3430L

2 Adjustable Shelves

$1,430.00 $1,260.00 + GST

2 Adjustable Shelves

DIMENSIONS: 770H x 515W x 460D

WEIGHT: 50kg


Exceeds the manufacturing requirements of  AS/NZS 1940.. 2017 version, which states that all materials must withstand 850 deg C.
All steel is 1.2mm thick including both skins with a  40mm air cavity to contain an explosion (No external venting required but there is provision for venting if required )
Totally seam welded construction, ( no pop rivets as Pop rivets can fail at 350 deg c and completely melt at 660 Deg C.  worse when pop rivets are minimal )
150mm high water tight bund for any spillage.
Continuous hinge on doors
Sequentially closing double doors. ( The LH door will always close before the RH door ensuring there can not be any gaps for potential fumes to escape when the doors are shut )
Very robust internal door closers.
Galvanised steel shelves with vents to allow air flow and drain channels to ensure any liquid is forced to the shelf ends where is can enter the bund.
Adjustable shelf positions with 50mm increments.
3 position door catches , top, bottom and side
Flush mounted key lock door catch with 2 keys per cabinet and extra security position for a pad lock.
Jagbe formulated powder coat system to ensure the longevity of the applied exterior powder coat with UV protection .  (Cheap porous interior powder looks the same but will not last )
Class 3 or 4 or 5 labels. Depending on what your storage requirements are.
4 adjustable steel feet and location brackets
High Vis Vest and Chemical resistant gloves included.
Packaging. Each cabinet is on its own plywood pallet. Clad with shrink-wrap, then 16mm polystyrene sheet all over, then double corrugated cardboard , strapped to the pallet.
At destination, simply remove the packaging, there is no further assembly required.
Warranty is 12 months from date of delivery.  Realistically if a problem has not shown up in that first 12 months it is unlikely it ever will.  To our credit we have been making cabinets for 17 years with not one return through faulty workmanship or failure. No other company can say that. We are the manufacturer not just a sales outlet.

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