A smart way for New Zealand businesses to overcome capital expenditure

Jagbe’s Lease options may help manage your hazardous substances storage requirements with no immediate capital outlay

We’ve designed three straightforward packages that can help free up capital and speed up your immediate Hazardous substance or Gas Cylinder storage.
Available for all Class 3 Flammable Goods, Class 8 Corrosive and Class 6 Cabinets
All Gas Cages , and our entire range of Lithium-Ion Battery Charging and Storage cabinets.
Package one From as little as $1 per day
Long Term Lease , 36 months , 60 months , 120 months
Package Two from $2 per day
Short Term Lease , 6 months, 12 months, 24 months with rights of renewal
Package Three POA
Operating Lease  24 / 36 months then purchase for as little as $1 per unit.
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